Facilitator of Change

Hi, I’m Roy, and I’m passionate about using facilitation to bring authenticity, love, and positive change in the world.

Some of the things I’m involved in:


I’ve been facilitating Jams since 2012, including the India Youth Jam, South India Jam, and the newest EcoJam.  These are weeklong retreats that can be life-changing! 

See https://www.yesworld.org

Authentic Relating

Authentic Relating Games and Authentic Relating Camps are spaces to go deep in a light way, to connect to yourself and others, to discover something new while having fun!

See https://authenticrelating.in

Deep Dive

Deep Dive will be starting Jan 21st at Bangalore Flux, on 12th Main in Indiranagar.  This is a weekday program of 4 one-month modules exploring Self, Other, and World in a deep way. 

See https://www.instagram.com/blr_flux/

Experience a retreat like you’ve never experienced before.

What some people say of me:

“Roy is one of the most beautiful facilitators that I have come across. His ability to make me feel that he’s there, listening, makes me feel completely heard. He also listens to questions very sensitively… he also provides very wise insights… he’s a star.”

Jasmine Sachdev
Teacher / Artist
“I’m inspired by how he listens with his heart, stays with the person he is listening to through all of their emotions, in it’s highs and lows, till they settle.”

Sonaa Raghuraman
Mental Health Practitioner
“Roy to me is a true example of a Facilipant – a facilitator who is also a participant. His grasp of the tools during and off the sessions not just helped me understand the tools better but also made me more mindful of them beyond sessions. His equal participation in the sessions, not shying from allowing himself to be vulnerable gave us all strength to do the same. The depth that Roy shares made me feel grounded, heard, and helped me slow down. His music also added more soul to the whole experience.”

Khushboo Jain
Social Researcher

“Countless choices define our fate: each choice, each moment, a moment in the ripple of time. Enough ripple, and you change the tide… for the future is never truly set.”

Changing Ourselves… Changing Our Relationships… Changing the World

What is possible?

Do you want more realness, more connection, more meaning in your life?

Coming Up:

Authentic Relating Camp
Feb 1-2, 2020

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